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Computer nerds have been warning about the Cryptolocker virus for weeks. It really is that big of a deal! Think about all of the pictures and documents on your computer Now, imagine being unable to open or view them. The thieves behind Cryptolocker will gladly grant you access to your files for a hefty price. For a more in-depth explanation of this virus, please read here.

How can I protect myself from this virus?

  1. Only download e-mail attachments from people you know and addresses you recognize. If you aren’t expecting an e-mail from FedEx, for example, don’t open it and certainly don’t download anything from it. Viruses come in more than *.exe files. A friendly PDF file is generally the culprit for this virus.
  2. Make sure your anti-virus software is up-to-date. We recommend Bitdefender for our customers. There is also a free version of Bitdefender that works very well.
  3. Keep your PC up-to-date. Allow Windows updates to download and install. Check and install program updates like Java and Flash with PatchMyPC.
  4. Backup your files. This cannot be stressed enough. Backup your files to CD, DVD, external hard drive, or jump drive. Remove the jump drive/external drive from your computer when the backup is finished. If infected 
    Vista backup instructions
    Windows 7 backup instructions
    Windows 8 file history

    General flash drive backup instructions

What do I do if I’m infected?

Cryptolocker is easily removed using most anti-malware programs. The downside is that once the virus is removed, your data is still encrypted. You will need to restore the files from your backup or using a program like ShadowExplorer to restore previous versions of files (XP SP2 and higher). If you do not have a backup of your files, there’s not much anybody can do.

Anything else?

Yes! Because of the scary nature of this virus, we want to do something extra to help our customers. For a limited time, we will be providing everyone with  a computer “booster shot” to protect against Cryptolocker. We will modify certain system files and permissions to help your PC not become infected with known variants of the virus. This service is 100% free.  It will take less than five minutes and can be done while you wait.

In addition, we are also offering a $50 security and backup deal. For one price, we will backup up to 9 GB of data to DVD, protect you against Cryptolocker, as well as evaluate your current anti-virus needs (download updates, install new [free versions only included in price], etc. ).

Please visit our shop at 112 S. Center Ave in downtown Piedmont or contact us for more information.


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